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Minor Program

Minor in Russian and East European Studies

The minor in Russian and East European studies offers a broad survey of literature and culture. Students may choose to study a Slavic language, but this is not required. Students are encouraged to meet with the department adviser to select a focus for their courses. Students may focus on Russian Literature and Culture, Russian Language and Culture, Czech and East European Studies, or Polish and East European Studies.  For more information, contact Martina Kerlova, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

NOTE:  Please contact Kinga Kosmala, who is serving as Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) fall quarter 2017 for information about the major or minor.  Martina Kerlova is on leave fall quarter.

Minor requirements (8 units)

• At most 4 courses at the 200 level

• At least 4 courses at the 300 level

• The following restrictions also apply:

◦ At most 1 Slavic first-year seminar may count toward the requirements.

◦ At most 3 courses, chosen with the consent of the undergraduate adviser, may come from outside the department.

◦ At most 3 courses may be in an East European language or German at or above the intermediate level.

◦ At most 3 courses taken while studying abroad may count toward the requirements.

The requirements for our new Major and Minor follow the 2016/17 Undergraduate Catalog

Sample list of courses that may be used to satisfy the Minor in Russian and East European Studies:

Art History
Political Sciences
Radio Television Film
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