Slavic’s got it all!  Many of our courses satisfy distribution requirements such as Historical Studies (Area IV), Ethics and Values (Area V), and Literature and Fine Arts (Area VI). 

Slavic majors and minors have gone on to successful careers in the State Department, Department of Defense, law, foreign relations and medicine; many have been accepted to renowned graduate programs.

View our 2016-2017 Department brochure for a list of our courses this year.

See our 2017 Spring Course Descriptions

Also see our Quarterly Planner for a schedule of courses each quarter.

Certain courses taken outside of Slavic may count towards a major or minor.  Here is a list of possible courses.

For students who are already working towards a major or minor, please consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies to ensure that courses will apply to the degree.

Key contacts in the Slavic Department for more information are:

Martina Kerlova, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Kresge 3325,

Clare Cavanagh, Department Chair, Kresge 3222,

Elisabeth Elliott, Director of Slavic Languages, Kresge 3226,