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Nina A. Wieda
Crowe Hall 5



Areas of Interest:   Nina Wieda's research centers on the interconnections between nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature and intellectual history.  In her dissertation, Secular Kenosis in Russian Literature: How the Russian Soul is Made, she focuses on the formation of Russian national identity between 1840s and 1990s.  In particular, she identifies and defines a tendency - for which she coins a term secular kenosis - that represents the transformation of religious kenosis into an ethic of everyday Russian life.  Nina shows how secular kenosis has established itself as essential to the Russian cultural understanding of what it means to be Russian, of the “Russian soul.”  Nina's dissertation explores the genealogy of secular kenosis as it developed in the works of Dostoevsky, Chekhov, post-WWII Socialist Realist writers, and Eduard Limonov.  

Currently, Nina is working on a project investigating the ways in which Soviet-period literature and popular culture reflect and influence the bilateral exchange of values between center and periphery.

Nina's second area of interest is South Slavic languages and cultures, and contemporary Serbian literature in particular. 

As a hobby, Nina enjoys writing language textbooks. She has authored “Everything Russian Practice”, and co-authored “Russian for Dummies.”